The ocean is a special place ...

... it makes you feel special to be there.


For equipment that works so well and reliably... don't even know it's there.

Diving equipment servicing

I service all makes of regulators, BCDs, cylinder valves, and diving instruments and computers.

Breathing air compressor servicing

... including Bauer and other makes.

Gas cylinder testing

I test seamless high-pressure cylinders, including
scuba cylinders
air-storage and industrial gas cylinders
breathing apparatus cylinders (fire-fighting and emergency)
paint-ball cylinders
CO2 cylinders for brewing

Metal fabrication & machining

I fabricate and machine specialised high- and low-pressure fittings for diving and general or industrial use.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Prices - GST inclusive

Cylinder test and air fill: $55
Regulator service: $110 + parts (see additional notes in FAQ #4: what does regulator service include?)
Custom machining: $88 per hour

Full price list


Some interesting projects come through the Cyltest workshop!



I have been servicing people's diving equipment since the early 1980s.

If you'd like to know how it all came about, read my story. It includes some history of the Canberra diving industry.

Accreditation and licensing

Certificate of Conformity: Test station for the inspection and testing of gas cylinders or vessels. (No. GC0143)

John Wilson in the Cyltest workshop.